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11 May

Yep. I am. Remember this post where I righteously crapped on about how good it was not having a TV? Well some of those reasons I gave you have changed and I’ve changed a little too…

Last time I owned a TV I watched it a lot. I had a hard time turning it off and was always searching for something else to watch but after 2 years without one I am glad to say that I am over this. I know what I like and what I want to watch everything else can piss off.

Having a child makes you realise how precious free time is and seriously – I have much better things to be doing than watching shit I don’t like. So yes, it’s on most days for an hour or so am I am ok with that. When I worked at Radio Adelaide, we were taught about how people listen to the radio for background noise and for a sense of company – well I could sure use some company! Even if it’s only a TV for now.

I’m somewhat of an independent hardass but once again, having a child has made me aware of my lack of local support & family. It’s just Me, Bob & Dottie on our little lonesome up here in mountain town which most of the time works famously well. But sometimes I do feel isolated and I must say it’s nice to have a little distraction to turn to.

So, yes I have arrived on the dark side, please welcome me… and expect a few more rants about TV shows.


100 Bad-ass Posts

6 Jun

So apparently this is my 100th post. I’m actually surprised that it’s taken 3 years to get this far but I suppose it’s a milestone worth celebrating, especially as it’s been 3 years almost to the day since I began the badlet blog adventure. I started this blog as a way for me to vent my “bad” side, share my journey and search for the truth. I intended it only for friends (and as a creative outlet for myself) initially but have since gained followers on Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.

Some days I feel as though I live two different lives, especially working as a counsellor, feeling the pressure to be a good role model etc. but the Badlet blog has kept the other half of me alive… the half that swears and has strong opinions, judgements, challenges and is a little bit weird.

I’ve complied a list of my favourite posts below with a little description. I enjoy looking back on where I’ve come from and how I’ve grown – I hope you do as well. Thanks to all the readers – I know you’re out there, the stats don’t lie, leave me a comment sometime! Much love, Badlet.

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My favourite music vids of 2011

9 Dec

It took me two days to finalise my vote for the Rage 50 recently and I thought I’d share the vids I selected with you. I always find it a shame when great songs have terrible videos and vice versa but alas this is often the way it happens.

Here’s my top 3 followed by the rest of my shortlist of 16. I chose these 3 because not only are they cool videos but also because they are lesser known and therefore less likely to get votes. I could have chosen an obviously popular video like Lotus Flower by Radiohead (which is in fact in my shortlist) but the truth is that it’s likely to be in the top 50 whether I vote for it or not. I like to vote for the underdog. In no particular order, here they are:

Hunting Grounds – In Colour

Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance

Tegan & Sara – Northshore

Here’s the rest of my shortlist, I’ve ordered them with the ones that were closest to making it into the top selection first

Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Beyonce – Run The World

Emma-Louise – Jungle

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

Grouplove – Itchin On A Photograph

Coldplay – Paradise

PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder

Pink – Raise Your Glass

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See

Art vs Science – Higher

Agnes Obel – Riverside

Lamb – Build a Fire

The Living End – Song For The Lonely

Metronomy – The Look

Coldplay – Christmas Lights

Garbage Warrior

3 Nov

This guy is a pioneer in sustainable architecture and environmentally friendly housing. He built the first “desert houses” in New Mexico in the 1970’s. Really cool doco. This is the full film. Watch it next time you’ve got some spare time.

10 Reasons Why I Don’t Have a TV

14 Sep

1) Ads. There’s no doubt about it, they suck. The songs get stuck in your head. The loud voices are annoying. They’re not selling anything that I want and they deliberately spread misinformation.

2) I don’t have willpower. I end up watching TV even when I really don’t want to. I read the TV guide and convince myself that I must not miss certain shows. And once the TV is turned on it’s hard to turn it off. It’s much easier to channel flip.

3) TV encourages you to sit on your arse and do nothing. It’s funny that people enjoy watching shows about fictional characters having interesting lives yet if they didn’t spend all their spare time watching TV, they could make their own life interesting.

4) I can watch the shows and movies that I want to watch without a TV. I can play DVDs and downloaded movies/shows on my laptop in my own time, not on the TV network’s time. I can watch as many episodes as I want in one day and I don’t have to deal with ads.

5) There’s no such thing as an ethically made TV. Pretty much all TVs are made in, you guessed it… China! or Taiwan. and what are they made from? Plastic! enough said.

6) I  have better things to do. Like talking to people, creating things, reading, cooking and getting outside.

7) TV is anti-social. My idea of quality time with my friends / family is not sitting next to them for hours on end, staring at a screen together but saying nothing.

8) There’s nothing good on. It’s easy to get sucked in to crappy shows just because that’s what happens to be on, but in reality, if you could select the shows you wanted to watch, there would probably only be a handful that you really love.

9) TV tells you that you are not good enough. That’s what advertising is designed to do… to make you feel inadequate so that you spend your money on being more beautiful, more healthy and more interesting. People rarely feel better about their lives after watching TV.

10) The internet will catch up one day. I already watch quite a few shows online and before too long there will be more channels like news 24 that stream continuously over the net, and I won’t need a TV to watch them.

The world would be so much shitter without you, Colin

29 Sep

Colin Beavan that is. You are probably like me and have never heard of him. And if you are anything like me, you will probably appreciate his efforts, his findings and his writing just as much as I do.

Recently I was in LA airport with a few hours to kill before my flight to Sydney. I had wandered around all of the shops and was trying to cure boredom while not spending any money, but was not really succeeding. I had already bought a copy of Dwell magazine, a milky way and about 6 bags of reece’s pieces (for gifts I swear).

I was feeling the effects of constant traveling and movement over the last two weeks. My body was struggling with just being in one place, that wasn’t bed, for more than an hour. I felt like I was moving even when I was sitting perfectly still. I needed… nothingness. I found a spot to sit by myself, listened to some relaxing music on my ipod and drifted into a dream, just being. I visualised places far more lush and peaceful than the grimy airport terminal and when I opened my eyes about 45 minutes later, I was completely relaxed.

Even though I was feeling totally at peace, I had an urge to walk… back to the bookstore that I had visited twice already to buy candy and a magazine. I wandered through the aisles of books with no expectations as I had already walked through here earlier and found nothing worth buying in american dollars. And then, there it was. Way up above my head on the top shelf, Colin’s book “No Impact Man”. I had to climb up on the the bottom shelf so that I could reach it. I did this without even considering what anyone might think of me.

The raw cardboard cover grabbed my attention, the blurb connected with me and after I flicked through a few pages I knew that I would enjoy this book. I decided it was worth an extra international transaction and read 1/4 of it before we boarded the plane, laughing and nodding out loud to myself.

Basically he spends a year of his life trying to reduce waste in his life as much as is humanly possible. Whether that be wasting plastic, water, power, emissions, anything.  Oh yeah and, he lives in an apartment in New York City.
It’s not like it’s anything ground-breakingly original. It seems that these days it’s cool to be green anyway. But the beauty of Colin’s story is that he is not trying to be rad or to have all the answers, in fact, throughout the book he confirms that he is just like you and me… someone that is concerned about the planet and climate change but feels that they can do nothing about it.

He proves us all wrong. He shares his challenges along the way and I connect hugely with his feelings of guilt when considering doing something that you know is ‘bad’. Sometimes it’s such a dilemma, especially when you take into account the old saying – When you know better you are expected to do better. Even if it’s only yourself that expects it!

This book makes me want to be a better person. I have become more conscious of things that used to be automatic, for example:

Bob and I normally share a container of roll-on deodorant. He has taken it away with him for a few days and I thought I had a spare one at home but I don’t. I had planned to buy one during my lunch break today at work and did not see that there were any other alternative apart from just simply buying a new one… until last night.

I was reading No Impact Man and Colin mentions that he has started using baking soda as deodorant. I consider it and then talk myself out of it before going to bed. When I woke up this morning I considered it again and then decided to stick to my original plan and to buy some today at lunch. It will get used right? It’s not really a waste is it?
I began to wonder about how I would go without deodorant at work until lunchtime. I opened the pantry and found the baking soda. This time I talked myself into it with the rationale that if it didn’t work I could at least buy some at lunch.

You might think that I’m crazy for rubbing baking soda into my armpits, but I tell you what, it worked better than any deodorant that I’ve ever used. I am going to use it again tomorrow and if it’s successful again then I may well make the switch permanently. This girl did. Read her blog, she’s awesome.

This got me thinking about not washing my hair again. I have major envy of many of the guys that I know who don’t wash their hair. I’ve found that with longer hair it’s alot harder to get away with. So far this year I’ve done a few week-long stints without washing my hair to reduce my it’s need to produce oil everyday. It works but it gradually goes back to wanting to be washed every day.

But today, my shampoo is almost empty and I’m inspired. Watch this space for an update.

So back to Colin… If I open the floodgates on everything I think and feel about this, we could all be here for a long time so I’ll just say this:

Read it.

I’ll lend it to you so you don’t have to buy anything new that comes in polluting packaging that’s designed to last forever yet to only be used once.

The Move

6 Aug

It was like this…

Some guys came and packed up all of our stuff then the next day they packed it all into a big shipping container and took it away.
I got really sick. Bob and I stayed with Georgia when we had no furniture. She’s great.

I had my last day at work. I was so sick.
Pizzy came home. I was so sick.

I had been up all night coughing and the alarm went off at 5am for us to get up and drive to Melbourne. I cried. If I didn’t drive it meant I had to leave my car here and pay for it to be shipped to Hobart. I got up and I drove… 800kms. It was a drug and sugar powered effort. It was painful.
I’m so glad I did it.

We got on the boat – it was rough. I got anxious. It was seriously uncool. At about 2am I relaxed enough to sleep. I slept sideways across two beds and a table. Lying the normal way on the bed made the rocking really bad. Poor Bob stayed up and looked after me.
At 6am the boat arrived and we drove off, through quarantine and out onto the highway.

I bought an apple. It was the greatest thing imaginable. I felt better.
We drove down to Hobart and opened up our new home. We set up camp in one of the smaller rooms, now Bob’s office. It was Bob’s birthday. He opened his presents and we went out for dinner. It was fantastic – but I was tired and still sick. The next day we explored Hobart, visited Nigel, Mel & Lucas and managed to find lots of things we needed without a phone book or the internet – just by looking!!

The next day our furniture arrived. We directed the removalists to put things here and there, then we frantically unpacked the kitchen. That night we cooked dinner.

On Thursday Nigel brought Lucas to visit and I met our neighbour, Lyle (! How funny! – if you understand why it’s hilarious to have a neighbour called Lyle you have good taste in movies). Then after that…. unpacking.

We’ve been out and about getting bits and pieces that we need. I discovered the Newtown Greenstore which is my new favourite place! (But I’m going to the organic warehouse tomorrow so I might get a new favourite).

On Saturday Mel gave us her old TV. It’s really small and it gets 3 channels. Bob and I stayed up all night watching the Michael Jackson special on Rage.

I applied for two jobs – just casual ones – just to try my luck. I’ve been offered interviews for both of them next week. I’m not sure what I’m going to do if I have to choose between them.

Yesterday Bob and I picked up Dusty from the airport. She was scared and stressed in her little cage. When we got into the house she was freaked. She did laps of all of the rooms for a solid hour – finding her place, sniffing everything. Then she looked out all of the windows again and again. I set up her fluffy bed in our bedroom next to the window so she could look out. She finally relaxed and slept solidly for about 5 hours… and then jumped on my head while I slept. I could tell she was feeling at home.

Today I did things for myself like dying my hair and baking cookies. I didn’t drive anywhere. I didn’t spend any money. I stood outside in the warm wind and tried to look at the thing that was furthest away. I spoke to my Dad.

Tonight I put adverts on a few house sitting websites to try and find someone to look after Dusty while we are away in September. I hope I find someone nice.

Bob is away in Brisbane until tomorrow night. I’m excited about seeing him.

The house is still a bit chaotic. Curly is visiting tomorrow.
I’m happy.