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In another life we were most certainly in love

6 Jun

A post for Tim.

We met on a rooftop and drank cheap champagne. I don’t remember much from that night… only that your secret man-crush was Richard Gere. Well that certainly broke the ice!

Can you believe it was 9 years ago?

Initially to me you were this elusive, unstoppable, late night explorer who was so young yet had everything together.  The ultimate cool kid. Exploring for the pure thrill of discovering something amazing, being in places so beautiful and yet completely hidden from the world. Before cameras, before train tunnels, before head torches, even before you moved to Parkside, you were an inspiration to me. It’s nice to know that we knew each other from the beginning. I could tell even then that exploring was spiritual for you in the same way it was for me.

We’ve been friends for many years but we’ve had both times of closeness and distance. I don’t see this as a bad thing. The truth is that both of us are moody and temperamental! So statistically there’s only going to be a handful of times when our moods can harmoniously coexist. At least that used to be the case. I think since we both left Adelaide we’ve commenced our separate journeys of self discovery which has allowed us to enjoy each other’s company a whole lot more. In the same way that you become better friends with your parents once you move out of home. And in a strange way, you always felt like my family anyway.

It’s fun to look back at how we’ve changed and grown. Early on you didn’t drink and I was a piss head, you didn’t smoke and I was hooked! Did we ever actually both smoke at the same time? You owned a car while I rode my bike, walked and caught the bus. What a role reversal (not intentionally calling you a piss head). We both found enlightenment in the changes we made and sometimes you surprised me too. Mr city-lover who passed on the camping trips and vowed never to take a photo of a tree sprung this on me out of the blue.

So much like me, stubbornly refusing to believe anything until you experience it first hand for yourself. You couldn’t be told about nature’s gifts, you had to venture out into nature and uncover them for yourself in your own time. And then you came back to Australia and got a job in a camping store. So perfect.

I’m so glad now that you’re travelling and creating again. When you create, love shoots out of you. It doesn’t matter what it is specifically: photos, dreaming, painting, skinting… when you are living in the moment, you are alive, your heart is open, you are free. And freedom is ultimately what you’re after I’m sure of it. The freedom seeking Taurean who can’t sleep lest he miss out on some waking adventure. This freedom-loving desire in you is so strong that it surely must generate both some amazing and thrilling exploits along with tremendous difficulty with simply sitting still!

Above all, my favourite thing about you is your fearless and honest approach to life. You are not a slave to money or stuff. You don’t try desperately to create an image of yourself simply to please or impress others. You stay true to your values even if that involves doing something unconventional or illegal which in turn may open you up to judgement and criticism. Following your heart is more important than compliance with rules and expectations. Some people just don’t understand how much courage living like this requires. You’re truly an inspiration to me, quite possibly more than you realise.

I’ve been really loving the random chats that we’ve been having since you’ve been off RTW and I look forward to chatting in your physical presence asap. I haven’t explained the title of this post because piz, it’s just for you. I know that you’ll understand. Be love.



#1 Hey remember when…

30 May

Seeing as most of the readers of this blog are longtime friends of mine I thought I’d make an occasional post about a funny or heartwarming memory that has popped up for me recently. You may be directly involved in this memory, you may have heard about it or you may be discovering it for the first time. Either way, I hope you enjoy it. Inspired by the great…

I’m also accepting classic memories submitted by you.

So number 1:

Remember when Steve was driving Sienna, Georgia, Renee and I to my wedding? We were all frocked up and crammed into Sienna’s corolla. We scraped the gutter going around the first corner. I got a bit worried but we kept going. When we pulled up to the lights the car next to us wound down their window and told us that we’d lost a hubcap. I thought we might have to go back and get it but Steve in his relaxed style just said “Nah, two of them were already gone, this is the third to fall off so now we’ve only got one to go!”.

This post is for you…

10 May

Why do we wait until Mother’s Day to give thanks to our Mum? Weddings to tell people how special and beautiful their relationship is? and funerals to express our truest affection for another? …when it’s too late. Why not express yourself now, today… anyday. Humans are social beings, our friends and family support us, teach us and love us unconditionally. I for one am thankful for that. If we all conveyed our love and appreciation for our partner on a regular (even daily) basis then perhaps there would be no need for Valentine’s Day because every day would be a celebration.

Bob and I accidentally got married on the Valentine’s Day weekend. We really had no idea until about a week before the wedding. It’s turned out to be the best thing that we could have ever done because now Valentine’s (consumer) Day ceases to exist for us. We celebrate another year together because we want to rather than doing some romantic thing just because a date in the calendar tells us we should.

Apart from the obvious ploy to get you to spend more money, it’s possible that Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. have originated because people generally fail to be thankful for the people in their life. Or at least fail to communicate that gratitude sufficiently. So…I want to challenge you to do just that!

And to inspire you, I plan to create a series of blog posts dedicated only to one person and what difference they have made to my  life. The first one is already in the works and will be unveiled soon! So in amongst the attempts to make sense of myself and the world, look out for some posts that just might be about you!

This post is for you

9 Mar

I thought I was so strong and tough, needing nothing and no-one. Out here on my own so far away with my books, crabs, garden and recipes for company (and my husband of course).

On the weekend I realised what I’ve been missing out on. I don’t notice it so much when I’m back here in my own little world but I’ve got a new found appreciation for spending time with you – all of you.

When I could see you all the time I just took it for granted and now seeing you is such a treat, it fills up my heart, brings out my joy and allows me to connect in ways that I thought didn’t matter – but now I know it does.

To look you in the eye, to touch you and be in your presence is just about the greatest thing ever. It’s what we work to earn money to have time for. This is it.

We might never live near each other again but I hope that we will always have the time and money to be together often.

You are quite possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me – all of you.