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28 Mar

Have you heard about Madonna’s new music video that is being banned and censored all over the place? It’s difficult to find on youtube but you can watch it here.


What do you think? I personally love it. I actually can’t see the problem with it. Maybe censors are worried that it’s too “gay” or that the half a second of male butt-crack will somehow be offensive to audiences that couldn’t care less about female nudity. Most of the discussion online about this vid relates to whether or not Madonna is “too old” to be slutting it up in her clips. Who the hell are we to judge! She can do whatever the fuck she wants and far as I’m concerned. The focus should be on the inappropriateness of the censorship!

Censorship like this takes away people’s right to decide whether they like something or not. I don’t need to be protected from a 4 minute video containing men in stilettos, a bit of suggestive foreplay and a bum-crack that has been and gone so fast that it really doesn’t hurt anybody. If I don’t like it – I’ll turn it off!

This censorship also brings up the issue of other videos that are similar or far worse. Why is this one being singled out? Have you seen Alejandro by Lady Gaga??!!!!! It’s virtually the same but it’s not censored!! Actually not only is it basically a porno with similar gay-ness, it also brings up political issues re: gay men in the military etc. I would have thought this would piss of way more people, yet when I search for it on youtube the extended version is the third hit. I love this vid so I’ve posted it here for you to compare.


So getting back to Madonna, I really can’t see what the problem is with her video. If nudity and suggestive images are an issue then why isn’t Katy Perry’s California Girls banned? Or if we can’t handle the implication that two men might kiss then what about the gay wedding reception at the beginning of Pink’s Raise Your Glass or any of the other controversial ideas in that video?

I actually think that the fact that Madonna is in her 50’s sadly has more to do with this censorship than the man-bum. And if the problem really is with the man-bum, can we all just get over it?


My favourite music vids of 2011

9 Dec

It took me two days to finalise my vote for the Rage 50 recently and I thought I’d share the vids I selected with you. I always find it a shame when great songs have terrible videos and vice versa but alas this is often the way it happens.

Here’s my top 3 followed by the rest of my shortlist of 16. I chose these 3 because not only are they cool videos but also because they are lesser known and therefore less likely to get votes. I could have chosen an obviously popular video like Lotus Flower by Radiohead (which is in fact in my shortlist) but the truth is that it’s likely to be in the top 50 whether I vote for it or not. I like to vote for the underdog. In no particular order, here they are:

Hunting Grounds – In Colour

Oren Lavie – Her Morning Elegance

Tegan & Sara – Northshore

Here’s the rest of my shortlist, I’ve ordered them with the ones that were closest to making it into the top selection first

Adele – Rolling In The Deep

Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

Beyonce – Run The World

Emma-Louise – Jungle

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

Grouplove – Itchin On A Photograph

Coldplay – Paradise

PJ Harvey – The Words That Maketh Murder

Pink – Raise Your Glass

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See

Art vs Science – Higher

Agnes Obel – Riverside

Lamb – Build a Fire

The Living End – Song For The Lonely

Metronomy – The Look

Coldplay – Christmas Lights

We are not permanent, we’re temporary…

3 May

If there is one music video that I wish I’d directed then this is it. Foo Fighters – Pretender.

Just a warning this post is entirely about one clip so only read on if interested…

Some people love quirky movies, complex storylines or clever quotes. I love beautiful music vids. You’ve probably noticed that the themes I enjoy are: logistical nightmares, single takes, dancing, dirty/grotty/grimy and clean/crisp/beautiful. I also love anything to do with creative lighting.

This clip covers a few of these themes… The simplicity and spotlessness are striking. The set is clean and uncluttered yet no effort has been made to hide the fact that they’re in a big hangar and the set doesn’t reach the walls. This is precisely why I see this clip as being so perfect… just the right mix of clean and dirty. Bright, orderly fluoros go well with the white, shiny floor and superbly contrast the guitar leads, messy rockstar hair and the energy and aggression in the song.

I could go on… maybe we’ll have a conversation about it one day and you can tell me whether you agree or disagree.

If you are about to watch this clip for the first time, I’m excited for you. The first time I watched it, the suspense and the hostility were both terrifying and wonderful. I won’t ruin the ending for you. I recommend full screen, full volume 🙂


9 Apr

Ok so this is another music video post… sorry.

The other night, Steve, Bob and I were playing You Tube requests (as we commonly do without a tv) and Bob suggested a clip by Metallica. While it was playing we chatted about how there must be so many music videos that are set in the desert. We then made it our mission to find as many as we could!

Here’s our list of 25 vids that are set in the desert for more than half of the song. Don’t get us wrong – we may not LIKE these songs or videos… our job was merely to find them in our memory bank. I’ve added the person that thought of each one just for a laugh  and I’ve linked to the vids just incase you want to watch allsorts of crap songs!… and a few good ones.

Bob: Metallica – I Disappear

Naomi: Bon Jovi – Blaze of Glory

Naomi: Spice Girls – Say You’ll Be There

Naomi: Smashing Pumpkins – Today

Steve: Seether – Broken

Steve: Jim Steinman – Rock n Roll Dreams Come Through

Naomi: The Cardigans – My Favourite Game

Bob: Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much

Bob: Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Give It Away Now

Steve: Buck 65 – Wicked and Weird

Naomi: Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose

Bob: Tupac – California Love

Bob: Linkin Park – In The End

Naomi: Pink – Funhouse

Bob: Ignite – Bleeding

Bob: Deep Forest – Sweet Lullaby

Steve: Shakira – Whenever, Wherever

Bob: Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People

Bob: U2 – Vertigo

Bob: Pendulum – The Island Pt 1

Bob: Michael Jackson – Black Or White (This one sort of doesn’t count)

Bob: Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Scar Tissue

Steve: Dario G – Sunchyme

Steve: Backstreet Boys – Incomplete

Steve: REM – Man On The Moon

There was much debate about whether November Rain qualified but it didn’t seem to make the cut. I’m sure there are many others that we’ve forgotten. Even coming up with 25 was hard work! Can you think of any more?

Steve and I also came up with another list of gems but I’ll save these for another day.


26 Mar

You may not know that I absolutely LOVE dancing. Not just the act of dancing but watching great choreography. You will know by now that I have a great love of music videos and I thought that I’d find a new way of sharing my faves with you. So this is my mix of 10 of the best dance videos. I’ve got other categories to come too.

Let’s start with the ultimate dance – one that we can all dance along to. Check out that jump onto the table at the very beginning!

Grease – Greased Lighting

MJ clips have always been favourites of mine. The are more like short films with singing and dancing. The original Bad clip is around 20 mins! So I’ve just included the 7 minute version! Great moves!

Michael Jackson – Bad

This next one is from my top 20 list but it’s too good to miss! The mirror and the rope dance are wonderful

Madonna – Human Nature

And speaking of Madonna, here she is again with JT. This clip is a favourite of mine for so many reasons. I especially love the giant lights counting down the duration of the song. You might not think that the dancing are choreography are all that good but think about it – jumping around on cars is hard! AND anything have involves having fun in the supermarket wins points with me. Oh and one more thing… Treadmills!

Madonna & JT – 4 Minutes

For something a bit different here’s Florence and the machine. This vid is just gorgeous. Filmed in a decorative church her dancing (and her hair) is amazing! Love the slow-mo cape!

Florence And The Machine – Drumming Song

Next, here’s Janelle Monae. She’s so small and cute and a wicked dancer. I love the subplot that dancing is illegal.

Janelle Monae – Tightrope

Ok let’s talk Lady Gaga. I would never have even knew who she was if her clips weren’t selected by rage guest programmers so often! They are undeniably good. Last year she won some record amount of awards for her music videos. Like Michael Jackson, her vids are a bit long and melodramatic but they are bold, offensive and completely WEIRD, just like gaga herself. I know many of you can’t stand her but I’m a huge fan, give me shocking, bizarre & risqué any day. This first clip may as well be a porno. It pushes the boundaries so perfectly and the dancing is just superb. And just when you think it’s getting tame, and she puts some clothes on… out comes the machine gun bra…. Love it!

Lady Gaga – Alejandro

This is a long one and you know that I LOVE this vid. It’s worth watching the whole thing just for the WTF value! This clip has my favourite dance scene ever. It’s short but seriously HOT. Look out for the dancing for about a minute from 3:18. The wonder woman dance at the end is pretty funny too.

Lady Gaga – Telephone

And now on to Beyonce. She’s a pretty awesome dancer you have to admit but of all of her vids, this DEFINITELY takes the cake> I bet you couldn’t even WALK in those shoes!

Beyonce – All The Single Ladies

And to finish off here’s a bit of Spike Jonze love.

Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice


24 Sep

If you know me you know that I love music videos. My long standing favourite recently got bumped out of the number 1 position that it had held for around 5 years to finally make way for a new leader. This got me thinking about all of my favourites and I decided to list my top 10 which quickly turned into my top 20.
10 is just not enough to capture so many great clips that exist, in fact neither is 20 but it’s a list that I’m happy with none the less.

The are many reasons why these clips are my favourites: Some are wonderfully precise one-shot masterpieces, others are fantastic in their originality, beauty, cleverness and humour.

I really think you’ll like them. I like them more for the visuals than the songs so give them a chance even if you don’t like the song/artist. I hope you find the time to watch them all. I would even go as far to say that you should watch the top 5 more than once – I know I have!

Here they are. Enjoy!

20) The Temper Trap – Love Lost

19) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

18) Madonna – Human Nature

17) Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

16) Foo Fighters – Low

15) Unkle – Heaven

14) Tegan & Sara – Call It Off

13) Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be

12) Madonna – Die Another Day

11) The Shins – Australia

10) Philadelphia Grand Jury – The Good News

9) Abdominal & Format – Vicious Battle Raps

8 ) OK Go – Here it Goes Again

7) Massive Attack – Protection

6) Oasis – Falling Down

5) PJ Harvey – The Letter

4) Metronomy – A Thing For Me

3) Feist – My Moon My Man

2) Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore

1) Feist – I Feel it All

Well what did you think? I’d love your comments and to hear which clips you love. As I remember and discover other great clips I’ll make a post about them.