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Garbage Warrior

3 Nov

This guy is a pioneer in sustainable architecture and environmentally friendly housing. He built the first “desert houses” in New Mexico in the 1970’s. Really cool doco. This is the full film. Watch it next time you’ve got some spare time.


#6 – I wonder if people realise…

29 Jun

that the plastic waste and litter that gets washed down drains and waterways (particularly in the Northern hemisphere) ends up here

The plastic breaks into tiny pieces that are eaten by fish and birds as well as contaminating the water. If you’d like to see some quick vids to learn more please watch this and this. I also highly recommend this documentary. It’s free to watch it.

Play this

10 Jul

Block Drop

I have been playing it for the last few days. Currently on level 53. It will make your brain feel really good and really bad at the same time 🙂