11 May

Yep. I am. Remember this post where I righteously crapped on about how good it was not having a TV? Well some of those reasons I gave you have changed and I’ve changed a little too…

Last time I owned a TV I watched it a lot. I had a hard time turning it off and was always searching for something else to watch but after 2 years without one I am glad to say that I am over this. I know what I like and what I want to watch everything else can piss off.

Having a child makes you realise how precious free time is and seriously – I have much better things to be doing than watching shit I don’t like. So yes, it’s on most days for an hour or so am I am ok with that. When I worked at Radio Adelaide, we were taught about how people listen to the radio for background noise and for a sense of company – well I could sure use some company! Even if it’s only a TV for now.

I’m somewhat of an independent hardass but once again, having a child has made me aware of my lack of local support & family. It’s just Me, Bob & Dottie on our little lonesome up here in mountain town which most of the time works famously well. But sometimes I do feel isolated and I must say it’s nice to have a little distraction to turn to.

So, yes I have arrived on the dark side, please welcome me… and expect a few more rants about TV shows.


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