Self Absorbed

18 Aug

We have had so much amazing support from our neighbours and friends since being home with Dottie. We’ve had people bring us food and help with cleaning which has made a huge difference to our lives. Then, Bob’s family came to visit…
They are the most self absorbed and socially awkward people I’ve ever encountered, thankfully they were only here for two days!

Everytime they visit it’s the same. They sit on the couch knitting & playing solitaire while we cook, clean and tidy for them. Then they eat the food we’ve made without saying thank-you and often end up making themselves a cheese sandwich after having 2-3 helpings as if to say “we really don’t appreciate anything you do”. It’s like babysitting the most ungrateful, non-talkative teenagers.

They will help with things like dishes if we ask but they rarely think to offer. I thought that considering we were adjusting to life with a 3 week old baby, perhaps we might see a more thoughtful side to them, unfortunately not.

Not only did they not contribute any food or assist with food prep (leaving us to cater for 5 adults in our precious free time), they also didn’t help with Dottie at all! In fact they didn’t even want to hold her!

They confessed that they had not held a baby in more than 30 years since they had their own children and they only picked up Dottie for the purpose of taking a photo. I can understand feeling nervous about holding someone else’s baby but I thought that most people couldn’t wait to have a snuggle with their first grandchild. Not these people.

Thankfully Bob turned out ok despite their detachment – I’m sure that Dottie will be fine too… more snuggles for us!


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