Judge Not pt 1

28 Feb

As you know I have come on an amazing journey to eating vego – vegan – and back again. At each stage as I discovered something new about the food I was eating I slipped into judgement mode towards everyone around me who continued to eat mindlessly. I started to use my own beliefs to decide right from wrong. But as much as I believed that the way humans raise animals for consumption is fundamentally “wrong” I found that dwelling on the oblivious actions of others served only to make myself miserable without actually achieving anything worthwhile…

When you say the word “vegan”, most people will roll their eyes and think of hippy activists, aggressively preaching their cause. (Closely followed by thoughts of a diet of tofu and lettuce). Why is this? Surely the average joe wouldn’t just assume that someone would stand on a soapbox about their dietary choices… it’s probably because they’ve had an experience with a preachy vegan. Sad but true. I don’t care what your cause, if you find yourself saying “My beliefs are right, your beliefs are wrong”, you’re preaching. Being preached to evokes in people the feeling of being under attack, and how do humans respond to attack? They defend.

If someone has a strong belief that meat is a better source of protein that plant foods, it doesn’t matter how much “right” information you shove down their throats, it’s unlikely that they’re going to see your point of view because of the emotion that defending oneself arouses. The truth is, no-one is going to accept anything you tell them until they are ready to hear it. I learnt this the hard way. But once I realised that telling people how wrong they are actually achieved nothing, I let it go. I realised that all that matters is being true to your own values.

Once I made peace with what everyone else was doing and just focused only on things within my control not only did I feel better but obviously my energy had changed because out of nowhere people were “ready” for the information I had to offer. This is the essence of leading by example. Do good for yourself, let everyone else be and you will inspire people. As it turns out, my initial approach was wrong… I thought I had to fix other people but actually all I needed to do was to fix myself!

Read part two of this post here.


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