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25 Jan

So it’s been a few years since the bombardment of ads from Meat and Livestock Australia telling us to eat more lamb. They have been very successful in their attempts to associate lamb with Australia Day and to bring lamb back as a popular option. The commercials have won people over with their humour, patriotism and jests at minorities and foreign countries – and as a result, thousands of people will be eating barbecued lamb today.

Their campaign has been very successful, and just as with the dairy industry advertising drinking milk for strong bones – people have begun to believe the message without realising that it’s a result of advertising. In this case the message being that it’s unaustralian not to eat lamb.

If “not being unaustralian” means being a drunk, racist, consumption-mad, shirtless meat-head then I’ll gladly choose unaustralianism any day. There will be no lamb (or meat) consumed at our place today not that I consider Australia Day much of a cause for celebration anyhow. Perhaps instead of eating lamb I’ll simply be grateful for the lifestyle and abundance made available to me as an Australian resident and enjoy eating plants, that grew without suffering.


They’re Afraid

9 Jan

Check out this commercial by the USA’s “Got Milk?” campaign. It’s a blatant (and poorly executed) attack on dairy alternatives claiming that if you have to shake it, it must be bad for you (and will terrify your children). The dairy industry has been preaching their false nutritional claims through advertising for well over 50 years but now that they’ve been banned from saying  “we need to drink milk for strong bones” they’ve changed their approach to attacking the competition. How immature.

This simply demonstrates how much they are struggling to advertise a product that is bad for you, cruel to animals and bad for the environment. No surprises there. Watch the video below or watch it on you tube here. The comments in response to this video are FANTASTIC!

Bold Native

8 Jan

Watch here for free! It’s a feature film about animal liberation activists. It’s good!

Find out more here

#10 – I wonder if people realise…

4 Jan

that even though dairy products contain calcium, they in fact strip the body of calcium in much the same way that drinking a cup of coffee leaves you dehydrated. Don’t believe me?

The countries with the highest consumption of milk and other dairy products (United States, Sweden, New Zealand) also have the highest levels of osteoporosis.  But how can this be?  We have been told that more milk equals less bone loss.  Dr. Mark Hegsted of Harvard University says, “people in the US and Scandinavian countries consume more dairy products that anywhere in the world, yet have the highest rates of osteoporosis.” We see a similar phenomenon with countries that have high animal protein to vegetable protein rations – higher rate of hip fractures and osteoporosis.  Then there are the numerous studies show countries that use almost no dairy products (Hong Kong) or that consume a higher percentage of total calories from vegetable sources have much lower hip fracture rates due to osteoporosis as well as lower rates of cancer and heart disease.

Don’t believe everything advertising has told you about health!