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Parrot friends

17 Sep

There’s ALOT of bird life around my place & I’ve managed to capture some vids of some particularly friendly king parrots!

Solo parrot

Parrot group


10 Reasons Why I Don’t Have a TV

14 Sep

1) Ads. There’s no doubt about it, they suck. The songs get stuck in your head. The loud voices are annoying. They’re not selling anything that I want and they deliberately spread misinformation.

2) I don’t have willpower. I end up watching TV even when I really don’t want to. I read the TV guide and convince myself that I must not miss certain shows. And once the TV is turned on it’s hard to turn it off. It’s much easier to channel flip.

3) TV encourages you to sit on your arse and do nothing. It’s funny that people enjoy watching shows about fictional characters having interesting lives yet if they didn’t spend all their spare time watching TV, they could make their own life interesting.

4) I can watch the shows and movies that I want to watch without a TV. I can play DVDs and downloaded movies/shows on my laptop in my own time, not on the TV network’s time. I can watch as many episodes as I want in one day and I don’t have to deal with ads.

5) There’s no such thing as an ethically made TV. Pretty much all TVs are made in, you guessed it… China! or Taiwan. and what are they made from? Plastic! enough said.

6) I  have better things to do. Like talking to people, creating things, reading, cooking and getting outside.

7) TV is anti-social. My idea of quality time with my friends / family is not sitting next to them for hours on end, staring at a screen together but saying nothing.

8)┬áThere’s nothing good on. It’s easy to get sucked in to crappy shows just because that’s what happens to be on, but in reality, if you could select the shows you wanted to watch, there would probably only be a handful that you really love.

9) TV tells you that you are not good enough. That’s what advertising is designed to do… to make you feel inadequate so that you spend your money on being more beautiful, more healthy and more interesting. People rarely feel better about their lives after watching TV.

10) The internet will catch up one day. I already watch quite a few shows online and before too long there will be more channels like news 24 that stream continuously over the net, and I won’t need a TV to watch them.

#9 – I wonder if people realise …

12 Sep

That animal foods are far worse for the environment than plant foods. Here’s why. (click the dots to find out more).

Have a look around that website, it’s really informative.

If this is news to you, you might want to read my animal products post from a while back.