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Pieces of paper

17 Feb

Fuck I hate receipts.
Gone are the days when receipts were optional. In fact it seemed to be optional one day and compulsory the next.
Here’s yet another perceived convenience that big business has decided would be good for us. But why do I need a receipt for EVERYTHING? So that I can fill up my pockets and wallet and car with useless bits of paper? Why else!

I don’t need a receipt for the drink I buy at the servo or the meal I order at a cafe. And I especially don’t need an extra receipt just because I pay with eftpos. Eftpos receipts are the most optional of all. The cashier actually has to press a button specifically for that receipt to print. I DON’T NEED IT! It’s not even remotely useful.

I’ve started telling cashiers that I don’t want the eftpos receipt before it’s due to be printed so that they have plenty of notice and out of every transaction that I’ve made over the last month I managed to avoid 2 receipts having to be printed. 2!
And everyone’s excuse is exactly the same – “Sorry, force of habit”. Why the hell is it a force of habit when the eftpos receipt is utterly pointless? Surely I’m not the only person that feels like this?

My receipt hatred has started to rub off on Bob and he’s jumped on the receipt refusal bandwagon. He refuses receipts at checkouts that automatically print receipts. It seems sort of futile considering that the operator has no control over whether the receipts print or not. Then when we say we don’t want it, some people get really offended and hold the receipt out with a look of horror on their face. Bob just grins and says, “No, thank you”.

Imagine what would happen if the whole world said “No, thank you”….

I must say that I’m glad to see that ATMs have caught on to this madness and now offer a choice NOT to print a receipt. I take great pleasure in choosing this option. Personally I don’t think there should even be an option. It would eliminate the need for those miniature bins at ATMs that are always overflowing with unwanted receipts thanks to mindless people’s so called “forces of habit”. It would just take one bank to make a statement (no pun intended) by removing the option of printing a receipt and people would realise how ridiculous they were to start with.

I imagine that at some point in the future (probably when it’s too late) that humans will be forced to take more responsibility for the waste that they create. Try and conjure up an image of a pile of all of the receipts that have ever been printed for you. It would probably be big enough to fill your bathroom and it’s only going to accelerate as the world becomes more ‘convenient’. Is that image enough to make you want to refuse a receipt?

Well what about this then…

Thermal paper contains BPA.
You know, that component in plastic that is so nasty to humans, it’s illegal in many countries. You can read more about it here. It probably doesn’t pose a massive threat considering the minimal contact that we have with the receipts BUT if you get receipts wet or oily then you’re 10 times more likely to come into contact with the BPA when you do touch it.

Does any of this seem wrong to you?
We’re told that we need a receipt that’s made from virgin paper, toxic ink and endocrine disruptors (BPA), then we’re given a guilt trip if we don’t want it, even if it’s destined for the bin anyway.

I watched a great video recently that explains how the whole fucked up process of consumerism is ruining the world.
It’s 20 mins and totally worth it.
The Story Of Stuff