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24 Sep

If you know me you know that I love music videos. My long standing favourite recently got bumped out of the number 1 position that it had held for around 5 years to finally make way for a new leader. This got me thinking about all of my favourites and I decided to list my top 10 which quickly turned into my top 20.
10 is just not enough to capture so many great clips that exist, in fact neither is 20 but it’s a list that I’m happy with none the less.

The are many reasons why these clips are my favourites: Some are wonderfully precise one-shot masterpieces, others are fantastic in their originality, beauty, cleverness and humour.

I really think you’ll like them. I like them more for the visuals than the songs so give them a chance even if you don’t like the song/artist. I hope you find the time to watch them all. I would even go as far to say that you should watch the top 5 more than once – I know I have!

Here they are. Enjoy!

20) The Temper Trap – Love Lost

19) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero

18) Madonna – Human Nature

17) Vampire Weekend – A-Punk

16) Foo Fighters – Low

15) Unkle – Heaven

14) Tegan & Sara – Call It Off

13) Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be

12) Madonna – Die Another Day

11) The Shins – Australia

10) Philadelphia Grand Jury – The Good News

9) Abdominal & Format – Vicious Battle Raps

8 ) OK Go – Here it Goes Again

7) Massive Attack – Protection

6) Oasis – Falling Down

5) PJ Harvey – The Letter

4) Metronomy – A Thing For Me

3) Feist – My Moon My Man

2) Smashing Pumpkins – Ava Adore

1) Feist – I Feel it All

Well what did you think? I’d love your comments and to hear which clips you love. As I remember and discover other great clips I’ll make a post about them.


Degrade this

15 Sep

This one’s for those of you that are tired of vids and are missing what this blog used to be about – having an opinionated rant!

So I’ve been thinking alot about product packaging that I currently don’t have to deal with thanks to my
local food co-op and I’m concerned that after we move we’ll be back to buying everything in stupid plastic packets. Not looking forward to that. We will do our best to avoid it where we can but it will be tough!

We have been able to reduce our household waste by about 75 percent – We have a regular (large) size wheelie bin which is only emptied once a fortnight and is never full. We do this just by shopping consciously and saying no to excessive packaging and plastic bags. We don’t feel like we’re making any compromises at all, in fact I think we live we live a fairly decadent lifestyle.

This is one of the things I learnt from No Impact Man. So much waste in the world is created for perceived ‘convenience’. It might be convenient to use a plastic bag to take home your groceries – but how inconvenient is it to bring your own bag?

Not really at all.

It might take you a while to remember to take them with you. If retailers don’t offer you a free bag anymore that may provide you with more of an incentive. Or if avoiding plastic bags is important to you then you may already be motivated to remember to pack them on your shopping trips.

Living consciously doesn’t have to involve compromise.

Once people adjust to bringing their own bags it becomes normal and they are no longer concerned about whether or not it used to be convenient to be provided with a free bag. This is why I say ‘perceived convenience’ because that’s all it is.

And there’s no doubt about it, people get a kick out of thinking that they’re doing something ‘environmentally friendly’ – probably because most things we do are not so much. I’ve noticed an increase in bags and packaging labeled as ‘degradable’, in fact ‘degradable’ is now a sellable feature which feeds on that good feeling that people get when they make a ‘conscious’ choice.

Sounds evil to me.
Although I was skeptical I hoped that biodegradable bags were actually making a difference. It turns out that they’re not…

I’ll keep this brief but basically there are two types of biodegradable plastics.
One of them requires a special, controlled process in order to be broken down and as a result they need to be taken to a recycling facility in order to be effectively disposed of. These are the type of bags that you now get at Target etc. in SA. They promote the fact that they are biodegradable but are probably banking on the fact that it’s unlikely you will be bothered to seek out a recycling facility and will probably just reuse them once or twice and then throw them away.

Most people will probably still feel better about themselves considering that it has the word ‘degradable’ printed on the side. The truth is, it does about as much damage in landfill as a regular plastic bag.

The other type is the one that is used for the smaller white shopping bags and bin liners. This one will actually degrade in the right environment. Unfortunately , the right environment is closer to your compost bin than landfill. So yes, these bags will eventually break down if you put them in the compost but if you are using them to put rubbish in that’s then destined for landfill then it’s unlikely that you’re bag will be any different to the thousands of regular plastic bags that surround it.

And even if it did…

It would break down and leave behind all of the contents of the bag – plastic packaging that someone else decided was convenient for you.

Mostly the ocean

14 Sep

Here’s some vids of my recent adventure down the Tasman Peninsula with Justin:

Tessellated Pavement 1

Tessellated Pavement 2 – Ripples

Tessellated Pavement 4 – Tide Coming In

Tessellated Pavement 3 – Waves

Blowhole 1

Blowhole 2

Cliffs & Waves 1

Cliffs & Waves 2

Priscilla, the happiest pig in Tasmania

Launceston Vids

5 Sep

Abandoned boats at the wharf

Bob & Justin boating to the boats

Trevallyn Dam overflowing 1

Trevallyn Dam overflowing 2