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Life would not be the same without experiments

15 Jun

…without them, no-one would have ever discovered anything new.

I like discovering things so as a result I’m taking a month off sugar and a whole bunch of other delicious foodstuffs in an attempt to find out what happens to the nausea and bloating that I get from yeast.

You see, yeast feeds on sugar and yeast found in other foods that you would never have thought to contain yeast like mushrooms and dried fruit. So even though I haven’t had obvious yeast sources for almost 3 months now, I’m still getting all sorts of annoying symptoms.

Today is day 8 and I have to tell you, I feel A-MAZING – like better than ever. I’m hoping that after 4 weeks I’ll be able to re introduce some everything slowly to monitor what my sugar/yeast threshold is.

This experiment is both painful and wonderful. And one thing’s for sure – sugar is the root of all evil. It is everywhere and it sucks you in with it’s delicious, addictive power. There is SO much stuff that I have to rule out because it contains sugar. In fact yeast is a silent monster as well. I discovered at least 4 things in my pantry that contained yeast that I was previously unaware of.

As usual I’ll keep you all updated.

So how about a general update? I started a new job which is part time. I initially hated it but things are beginning to settle down and I’m enjoying it more now. I’ve still got a few blog posts saved up from my previous job but just didn’t have time to type them up due to working long hours. I will do so soon.

Lots of amazing things are happening in the world of Nomi – I miss you – call me sometime.

Blog posts without photos are pretty boring.