The experiment continued…

13 Jan

Day 4: Thai noodle salad with sweet orange sauce

The cabbage didn’t make it unfortunately and even though it was the inspiration for this dish the salad was still amazing. Pantry ingredients: Arrowroot noodles, cripsy noodles, sesame oil, sesame seeds, potato starch, sugar.

Also on day 4: Banana cake with orange & coconut icing

Day 5: Soy, Ginger, Honey & Sesame salad

I enjoyed the salad the night before so much I made a variation of it while Bob was away. PI’s: Arrowroot noodles, sesame oil, sesame seeds.

Day 6: Potato and Leek Soup

Another recipe from Vegan Yum Yum and perfect to use that sorry looking leek in the fridge. PI’s Chicken stock (vegan), vegetable stock, vegan parmesan, salt.

Almost at the 1 week mark and we’ve hardly made a dent on the crap in the pantry.


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