I’m ready

12 Jan

To follow on from my posts about baking soda…

The deodorant is still going great. I am hooked.

I abandoned the toothpaste even though it was doing a great job. I started getting what felt like little burns on my lips after using it. I will still use it from time to time but just not as my main toothpaste.

I was lost there for a little while – using the generic stuff and hating it. Then I decided to try Riddells Creek Organic Mint Toothpaste. The main active ingredient is baking soda but it doesn’t have the same effect on my lips. At first I wasn’t convinced that I liked it due to the sweet aftertaste. But I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and I’m very happy with it.

I’ve also found an Oral B toothbrush which is so far living up to my expectations. I always have the motorised one as a fall back.


As previously mentioned, we are pretty much out of shampoo. I believe this to be a perfect opportunity to try something that I’ve made myself. I’ve decided not to get into creating something with loads of complex ingredients just yet but I have read that baking soda and water do the trick.

I plan on trying it this week and I’ll show you a before and after shot.


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