Buy Less Crap – The Experiment

10 Jan

It started in a hurry and caught me off guard. (if you don’t know what the hell I’m on about see the post “Use what you have instead of buying more crap” Below)

I did my last visit to the grocery store, without a list… without even thinking about what I really needed. I just grabbed a few bits and pieces.

When I got home I suggested to Bob that maybe we start next week so that we are a bit more organised. He said that being organised defeats the purpose and that we should just start now…
I surrendered and agreed.

It doesn’t seem really daunting when you look at a cupboard and fridge that have recently been stocked. It just feels like a regular day. But deep down inside, I know that it’s different.

I am already beginning to see things that will run out in no time. The first one a came across is shampoo (oh dear). I hardly use it and Bob forgot to tell me it was low so now we’ve found ourselves in a little bit of a pickle. Do I break the rules and buy more? Go without? Make my own?

All are tempting. I’ll ask Bob what he reckons tomorrow and keep you posted.

We are three days in. We have a rule that we need to use something from the pantry with every meal – it’s pretty easy really.
Breakfasts and lunches have been pretty standard (we ate out on the weekend too) but I have been documenting dinners:

Day 1: Eggplant Parmies with Roast Vegies & Gravy

Mine was without the pile of cheese. Pantry ingredients: Rice crumbs, Egg replacer, Cornflour, Salt, Pepper, Gravy, Flaxseed oil, Apple cider vinegar

Day 2: Spinach & Leek Quiche with Polenta crust

The polenta was Bob’s idea and it was actually pretty good. I prefer crusty pastry though. Pantry ingredients: Polenta, Chicken stock (vegan)

Day 3: Tomato Cream & Mushroom Pasta

I forgot to take a photo of this one. This pic is from the recipe book we got the idea from (Thanks Georgia) but it looked pretty much the same. Pantry ingredients: Pasta, Cashews, Flaxseed Oil.

We hope that we can clear out crap that we probably won’t replace and keep a list of the stuff that we do want to replace. The only thing on the list so far is Polenta.

We are having some guests over this weekend and the weekend after that. I had a little freak out that maybe we should break the rules in case we need something extra to cater for them. Bob reassured me that we will be fine. He’s right.

We have some bananas and a cabbage that we need to use up this week so I’ll keep you informed of our progress!

We have not bought any crap for 3 days.


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