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My favourite kind of people

25 Nov

My favourite people are not the ones that take a foam cup from the dispenser, fill it with water, have a drink, put it in the bin and repeat these steps several times daily.

My favourite people do not make fun of people with disabilities or think it’s funny that almost every last living aborigine in Tasmania was murdered by white settlers.

My favourite people are not those who dump rubbish on the side of the road or who enjoy making statements that are derogatory to women.

My favourite kind of people are not at all similar to those who think it’s appropriate to send a bulk email to work colleagues about how we Australians need to group together and stop muslims from wanting to eat halal food and stop the spread of halal food throughout our schools.

People I like surely would not be like those who think that wasting water/power/food, eating meat, and using plastic shopping bags does not contribute to climate change.

My favourite people are not slaves to consumerism and they are certainly not at all like people who are informed about many things contributing to global problems and yet who choose to do nothing to change them. Even when change is so easy and so necessary.

So then who are my favourite kind of people?

They are those who let me pay for my petrol by reciting a card number being read out to me by my husband over the phone because I forgot my wallet today.

Those who take their plastic/glass/cardboard drink container home in their bag so it can be recycled.

They are people who remember to contact me now that I live in a different state. Especially those who send me letters.

They are people who consider how what they say will be received by other people before they say it.

They are the people who are aware of how their behaviour, actions/inaction and choices impact on other people and the planet. They are people who are wise enough to understand the importance of compassion and respect.

They are aware.
But most people I encounter… unfortunately … are not.


Toothpaste and the toothbrush dilemma

17 Nov

So my first home made toothpaste attempt was not all that successful. The salt was way too overpowering and ended up hurting my mouth. The lime juice made the baking soda a bit weird and the mint didn’t really do anything.
So I’ve started again with just plain baking soda

It’s going really well.

So the toothbrush thing… I don’t know about you but my toothbrushes don’t last longer than a month. I’ve shopped around tried cheap ones, expensive ones, soft, hard, everything… they all die. It seems like such a waste to be throwing them away and buying a new one that comes in a non-recyclable plastic packet once a month.

I went searching for an indestructible toothbrush and all I found was biodegradable-yet-pissweak varieties or ones with replaceable heads. You face the same problem with replaceable heads but at least it’s only a quarter of the toothbrush going in the bin, you still have about the same amount of packaging per new head.

The biodegradable ones are good in theory but the quality of bristles is extremely low and they take over a year to break down. The main thing that they are both lacking is a good design. The alternative of course is an expensive, motorised toothbrush with replaceable heads.

It seems only too often that the ‘green’ alternative, even though better for the environment isn’t up to scratch with the designs that the market want. Doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose?

I wanted so desperately to make a change to my toothbrush waste so I bought one made from recycled materials with a replaceable head. The head frayed in 4 days. It was worse than the point at which I normally dispose of my regular toothbrush. How disappointing.

If anyone knows of a really good product then please let me know.

So I spent ages at the supermarket yesterday trying to decide on a decent looking motorised, replaceable-head toothbrush and bought the cheapest one available.
I’ve been using it with my baking soda and it’s actually going quite well.

But now I have another dilemma. I need batteries to power my toothbrush! Will it ever end?

Sensible or Scared?

16 Nov

Last week I organised with Victor to join him for a day out on the yacht and got really excited about it… and then I got really nervous about being sea sick. Then I imagined what it would be like on the boat and I felt sea sick just thinking about it.

I discussed it with Bob and as much as he encouraged me to give it a try, I still decided that it just wasn’t worth the risk. I had made an assumption that the chance of getting sea sick was quite high and therefore the chances of enjoying myself were quite low. I agreed to go out to the boat at the mooring and just sit with them for a while before they set sail. At first I felt a little sick but then I was ok and stayed there for about an hour.

It’s impossible to know what would have happened had I gone out sailing. I may have been fine. It may have been a disaster. And if it was a disaster, there’s a chance that the sea sickness could have been escalated by my anxiety about it.

The main thing that makes me nervous about being on a boat is not actually the sea sickness. It’s the fact that you can’t really choose when you get off. It all comes back down to control. So I could surrender control and literally go with the flow only to fuel my already potent nautical trauma or I could just avoid it.

When I made the decision not to go, at first I felt like a cop out because I hadn’t really given it a chance, I’d just affirmed that it was definitely going to be bad. I was plagued with thoughts about how it could have been great had I only given it a shot. Then I rationalised it by thinking that I was only protecting myself, and there’s no point in putting myself in a stressful situation like that and I felt good about my decision.

Granted, there were alot of other things at stake here… other plans happening later in the day that I didn’t want to forfeit if I ended up feeling ill. Had the circumstances been different, perhaps I would have taken the plunge. Or as Cloe suggested… maybe baby steps is the best way. I have proven to myself that I can:

– Go in a little row boat just fine
– Recover from feeling ill while on a stationery boat
– Tolerate being on a moored boat for an hour

Maybe next time I can plan my day better and push it a bit further.
Some negative thoughts try to talk me out of this idea… Saying, maybe it’s easier just to not go on boats. I somewhat agree. Then I wonder whether maybe I’m just pushing myself to try again only to prove that I can get over it – the sea sickness & the control thing. I can win and be victorious and fix my fear and prove to everyone that I’m big and tough…

Is there any shame in just not wanting to do it? Even if perhaps it is driven by a little fear? By doing this I think I may give myself the “sea sick” label without sufficient evidence to prove otherwise – again a cop out. Well I suppose that it’s lucky for me that the opportunity to go on a boat doesn’t arise all that often so I’m sure that I’ll have plenty of time to figure this one out.

Here is a video of Victor ferrying Bob on the row boat.

The loose ends

11 Nov

I’ve noticed that in this blog I tend to suggest that I’ll come back to ideas about particular topics but I rarely do. It seems similar to the way that I often bookmark web pages that I never go back to… or if I do, I just find them the regular way having forgotten about bookmarking it in the first place.

What does this say about me?

That I’m not committed to things long term? That I’m not so good with the follow through? Probably. Years ago I did a personality test that said I was an “Initiator” and suggested that I have many great ideas without the drive to see them through to fruition.

I not sure that anything has ever described me so accurately. Once one thing is getting started, I’m on to the next.

Take painting the house for example. I have a rather specific time frame and schedule to stick to, yet knowing this I have now successfully avoided even thinking about painting for the last two days. I’m not doing myself any favours really. It will catch up with me eventually.

And even though I know this, I still have no motivation whatsoever. It’s almost as if I want to push it as far as I can just to see what will happen. Or maybe it’s because I want something bad to happen so I can blame myself for being so lazy as some sort of backwards payoff for never getting off my arse in the first place.

Not sure.

Another good example is this very blog post…

I began with the intention of actually filling you in on the information that I had promised you from previous posts but instead I got caught up in the moment and have been selfishly, mindlessly crapping on about about how I have a habit of avoiding responsibility and getting excited about something else.

My point… exactly.

for those that are interested, here’s my attempt at tying up loose ends (or making them less loose):

The hospital thing:
Last week I went in to hospital to have this done. (Do not click on that link if you do not want to think about something that is just so painfully wrong)
I was supposed to stay overnight because my uro was expecting it to be worse than it was – but I was let out early! There was bleeding and pain, but that didn’t stop me from exploring a drain 3 days later. I did need some help to get down a pretty big drop but I was otherwise OK. I wrote some stuff about the drain on c/c forums so if you read them, you can see more about it there.

(See how I tactfully diverted you to another website in order to avoid saying that I would fill you in on the details of the drain later – I am brilliant)

So anyway. I’ve been feeling ok. Having lots of chats with Bob about changing our attitude towards life and about discovering why my body chooses such bizarre ways to inform me that something in my life needs to change. Pondering things.

The vegan fetta:
It was awesome. Here’s a picture of some that I ate on a biscuit.

I snacked on it for a day or so and used the rest in stuffed mushrooms. Awesome.

Baking soda update:

It’s pretty good shit you know. My BSD (Baking soda deodorant) is kicking ass!
And I have a new baking soda creation… toothpaste!!

So first a bit of background: Regular toothpaste is full of shit (bad shit as opposed to the previously mentioned “good shit”). I won’t go into all the crap-arse, lecture-type details… but I’ve known for a while that it’s seriously uncool to be putting that shit in my mouth. I was avoiding changing to a natural toothpaste because I believe in fluoride (some people will disagree that it is good). I still haven’t really solved that problem but I have assured myself that I drink enough tap water to be ok for now.
So I said to Bob that I was going to buy some natural stuff and he suggested… make your own! OH YEAH.

So I started with this:

Baking Soda (of course), Salt (which apparently you need for the abrasive part) , Mint from the garden (For fun) and a container to put it in (don’t worry I wasn’t thinking about adding the henna to the toothpaste – that would be a ready bad idea. I just put the container in so the photo looked more interesting)

I mixed these us with a squeeze of lime and so far so good. I’ll experiment with this for a while and adjust my recipe if I need to.
Actually I’m off to brush with it now.

USA Clips

9 Nov

Here’s some little clips from my USA trip:

Driving into LA

Benny & his waterproof camera

Birds at Venice Beach

Golden Gate fog

LA Tunnel

Driving around LA

Bunker Boys

San Fran Road Trip Coastline 1

San Fran Road Trip Coastline 2

That’s enough for now

I also uploaded some photos onto facebook which I’m sure you can find easily enough if you want to have a look.