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Think Vs Do

20 Jul

I find that I am more inclined to write about things that I learn or discover as opposed to things that I actually do. That might mean that I’m not actually doing anything terribly interesting. hmm, probably.

I intended on writing about applying some new brain skills that I learnt recently but instead I’m going to write about things that I’ve been doing in the hope that I’ll get into the habit of doing so.

Bob and I are moving in 10 days. We are moving out of our house in 6 days. I am doing a massive cook up so that we have food to take with us next week when we move in with Georgia. I made ricotta and zucchini ravioli and vege sausage rolls plus some apple and lychee parcels for dessert. Hooray.

Ummm. Not much else going on right now. Working tomorrow – boooo



17 Jul

So far this blog has mostly been quite philosophical / spiritual / having a moral to the story or whatever. It was totally not my intention for it to be that way but I sort of like it. I’ve started noticing things in life that are perfectly appropriate, ironic or divine  – and of course I want to write about them.

So… forgive me. That’s just the way it has worked out up until now. I had hoped for this blog to be a place to post stories about my life and it has turned out to have a focus on things that I have learnt or realised. I think it will be a mixture of both from now on. But enough disclaimer…

Some of you might stop reading now – that’s cool. The purpose of this blog is for me to crap on about whatever I want  – you don’t have to like it 😛

Do I seem to be avoiding the topic?

I overheard a conversation at work yesterday where a group of girls were discussing whether a particular person in a particular scenario was ‘psychic’ or just really good at logically putting pieces of the puzzle together in order to ‘know’ something that didn’t seem possible.
I’m not a fence-sitter but I’m definitely a believer in both being possible.

So finally, my experience:
When I left Prospect I was running a few minutes late to have enough time to get to Lunch with Sienna in Unley. Somehow I just knew that I didn’t need to rush (in fact traffic decided that for me). I had a strong feeling that Sienna wouldn’t be there. Why did I think this?
It started with the feeling, or at least I perceived it that way…. I then began to apply logic to the situation even though I didn’t yet know the outcome:

  • I haven’t spoken to Sien since last Saturday – she could have forgotten
  • There’s no reason for her NOT to be there – Why would I think otherwise?
  • She might think we were meeting at 1 instead of 12 – so she could be an hour late
  • hmmmm
  • I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt & I’ll text her to let her know I’m going to be late

She called me.
She’d forgotten…. what day it was, and thought we were meeting tomorrow. So I was right. I didn’t have to rush. But why did I get that strange feeling on my way there? Logic or intuition?
It’s possible that logic had influenced my initial feeling without me consciously knowing. It’s possible that the feeling came to me another way.

I’m not really sure.

Play this

10 Jul

Block Drop

I have been playing it for the last few days. Currently on level 53. It will make your brain feel really good and really bad at the same time 🙂

Not funny at the time – but hilarious later

7 Jul

Locking myself out of the house was REALLY unfunny at the time. It was anything but funny.
I was on my way to the hairdresser and accidentally picked up the keys to Bob’s car instead of my keys to the car and house. I walked outside and as I heard the door latch behind me I realised that I was holding the wrong keys. FUCK

To make the situation worse, I had this song in my head.

I was still singing it after listening to the prison show on Sunday. I don’t know why I find it so funny and stupid…. but now the chorus applied to me, sort of. I was locked out, not locked up but the words were changing in my head “I’m locked out, I can’t get back in”.

Bob was away for work, the spare key is with the real estate agent, my car key is in the house, it’s dark and about 9 degrees and there’s nothing I can do but to spend my hair money on a fucking lock smith. Cry. At the time I assure you – this is not funny.

I had a flashback to something somebody told me once, “If it will be funny later, it’s funny now”. Why am I thinking about this now? Let me be miserable in my shitty situation. I want to whinge about it. I want to feel shit about it. Waaaaa.

But, I knew that it was funny. I even laughed a bit through the tears. I imagined myself tomorrow telling Chris about it when I visit him for lunch. He will laugh at me and then I will laugh with him…. at me. I feel better.

Making the most of it

1 Jul

I have a hard time doing nothing.
I recently started working part-time and I’m also currently unwell. This has left me with time to do things, but no motivation to do them.

Until today. Today I feel slightly better and my brain started working again. So instead of playing games and passively entertaining myself, today I remembered about things that I’s always wanted to do, like start a blog. So this is my first post, my attempt to make the most of having time off work/study.

Yesterday I had a blackout. It was only then that I realised that I had become quite attached to the computer. This inspired me to do some shopping, make some phone calls and stare out the window for a while – just relaxing. My brain was in no state for complex activities like reading or cooking, but getting back to the real world for an hour or so was a nice break from the screen.

The blackout was what I call a blessing in disguise. And I suppose having a cold has in many ways, also been a blessing, allowing me to do things for myself, even though I perceived most of my unwell time as boring. Maybe the perception was my problem, not the cold.

I just used the last tissue out of the box… could this somehow be a good thing?